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WELLNESS MANAGEMENT PROGRAMS-Personalized, step by step Master Plans:

Achieve immediate solutions and powerful results with any of your stress, pain & life challenges.

Your personalized program will include all the wellness tools, techniques and ‘how to’ procedures to help guide you, unlimited “help” access to me by phone, text and email even after your program is complete, combined with regularly scheduled therapeutic treatments, and a ‘what to do’ course of action.

  • Stress Instant relief from anxiety, digestion issues, headaches, sleeplessness, anger & any other stress related challenges you are struggling with.
  • Pain Now you can finally find relief from chronic pain, swelling & stiffness while regaining your range of motion and flexibility.
  • Life  Feel no more confusion about what you need to do in your life and how to do it. You will be more confident & relaxed and less overwhelmed & anxious to go on the next step of  your life’s journey.

*There is no “one size fits all”. Because we are all so different, the frequency and duration of your management program will depend on you.

Aroma Joy

Essential oils applied along your spine, neck and feet with a gentle touch technique & reflexology

Focused Aroma Joy

Essential oils are applied directly on your  problem areas, with a gentle touch technique.

Aroma-Joy therapeutic treatments are extremely helpful to manage your pain & stress. They are specifically great for relief of tendonitis, carpal tunnel, chronic muscle aches & pains, and arthritis. They will also help strengthen your immune system, promote relaxation, stimulate feelings of joy and improve your overall health & wellbeing, making this treatment a MUST for a Happy, Pain & Stress Free Life.

Each Management Program is Tailored to your wants, needs, abilities, challenges and goals; and each includes therapeutic treatments, combined with consulting sessions. During the sessions you’ll receive handouts, tips, and instruction on subjects personalized for you such as what to eat and what not to eat that will help with YOUR situation, knowing the right stretches/exercises, how to get some ‘me’ time, how to make important life decisions, and what you can do at home to manage your pain, stress and other challenges.



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