Reasons to hire a Life Coach

Why Hire a Life Coach?

Life Coach is a pretty vague sounding occupation title. But I AM one and proud of it, because I know coaching works and I love helping people achieve what they are seeking.

A Life Coach could also be called Life Designer, Goal Planner, Life Management Instructor, Lifestyle Trainer, etc.

But why hire a Life Coach? If you don’t have a coach already you may be wondering what they are.

Or perhaps you are considering hiring a Life Coach but are unsure if they can really help you with your unique situation.

Here I will share with you the top reasons clients work with me, it may help you to see if Coaching is something that you may want to try:

1. Something Wonderful Happened!

Congratulations! You are getting married, got a new job, had a baby, moving into your dream home,  launched your business, etc. These are all positive and great things, but it can be terrifying and disorientating to undergo such a radical change. And if you are experiencing several good somethings at the same time, that could be too overwhelming and very stressful!

Essentially you are letting go of the “old” you and taking on a brand new identity– but you’re not there yet. Inside, could be a battle of confusion between your head and heart. It can be very painful and frightening letting go of what we know. Especially if we feel we “should” be so incredibly happy and are confused about the process.

A great life coach can help you navigate this huge change and support you moving forward in a healthy much more enjoyable way, with much less overwhelm and stress!

2. Something Terrible Happened!

I am so sorry if this is you. Death, job loss, moving, divorce, all this bad stuff can be like stuffing your life into a shredder.

A great life coach can create a compassionate and safe place for you to grieve and when it’s time, show you powerful tools that will help you move forward into a happier more inner peaceful place. This way, you can begin the process of finding happiness in your life again.

3. Nothing Is Happening-I’m Stuck!

Perhaps you keep trying to improve something in your life like your business/job, your money situation, your health and wellness, or your relationships and nothing seems to be working. You need help to get more creative and find other things to try that will work for you.

A great life coach can help you discover why you are stuck and why things are not working out the way you want them to, so you will know what to do instead that will work. They will help you remove obstacles, bust through painful thoughts and devise a plan to help you get what you truly, deeply want.

4.  I Don’t Know How To Make It Happen!

There is something in your life you desperately want like A new job, to start a business of your own, to meet the love of your life, but you are overwhelmed by the decisions and choices need to make such a big change. You may feel like you are clinging to a cliff edge and leaping or staying seems impossible.

A great life coach can help you overcome the fear and stress that usually happens when you are trying to create something exciting and new that is true to you and your values.

5. What The Heck Is Happening? I feel awful!

Our minds are complicated things and sometimes we can feel horrible and unhappy but don’t understand why or how to get out of the funk we are in. These thoughts can create a peace-less and anxious state. You will need to learn how to replace these painful thoughts, some you don’t even realize are running in the back of your mind.

A great coach will help you transition gracefully from helpless and anxious to being a happy and very powerful force in your own life and the lives of  your loved ones.

6. I Have No Idea What To Do Now!

If you feel your life is like a roller coaster and you are exhausted and dizzy from the ride that just doesn’t seem to stop because maybe you just walked out on your soul sucking job or ended a bad relationship. It is hard to figure out what to do next.

A great Life Coach will help you design your life with JOY. Your Coach can help you plan your next move, one step at a time, until you have achieved what you want and need. And to show you that you, too can be living a happy and fulfilling life.

The world is like a sea of amazing, scary, and sometimes seemingly unbearable challenges and changes. In times like these, sometimes it seems like there just aren’t any good options. You don’t know where to turn or what to do. Or you’re whirling around overwhelmed with activities, but nothing’s clicking. It’s totally frustrating every single way you look at it.

But this could be the best time to completely overhaul your life, or even just a part of your life that you just aren’t satisfied with. You could plan a career change, learn a new skill, or even work out a personal wellness plan that could change not only your health, but your whole perspective on life.

Of course, you can do all of this on your own or with the help of friends. But sometimes your friends are busy with their own challenges or unable to understand what you want to do, or you just don’t want to burden your loved ones with your life challenges. Maybe you could know you want to do something different but are stumped on what that something is. That’s when a an outside perspective can help.

A Life Coach can work with you to identify your strengths, pursue your passions, and start down a new path or create a new way of doing what you’ve been doing, only better. Working with a Life Coach can provide you with:


Life coaches are usually someone outside your normal network of friends, family, and colleagues. They are someone who isn’t deeply involved in your personal life. Since they can view your life from a different perspective, they can offer you fresh ideas and perceptions about what you might want to do. Or they can ask you just the right questions to help you think about your life and your options in a more creative way.


Your life coach wants you to succeed. No matter what you’re doing, whether it’s changing your career, starting a new exercise program, or working through relationship issues, a life coach is all about helping you build the life YOU want. Their job is to support and motivate you and help you go where you want to go. They might offer a hand to hold or a kick in the butt, whatever you may need. And most importantly, they are going to help reinforce the steps you’re taking to plan and reach your new goals.


Your life coach is like a partner who sets a business lunch date with you. If you don’t show up, or show up without your presentation, or call five minutes after the time you set to say you can’t make it, they’re going to call you on your behavior while at the same time reminding you of what your true goals are that you have created together. They’re also right there with you looking at your current challenges and your possible obstacles and then giving you ALL the tools you need to overcome them.

For anyone ready to make some real beneficial changes, finding a good life coach can be a key to a new beginning in life or to reshaping the life you have to fit who you really are and want to become.

Why Hire a Life Coach?

1. Design your life to maximize FULFILLMENT

Isn’t being fulfilled what life is all about? In whatever we are doing in life – work, play, relationships, fun, chores, travel – I believe in maximizing “fulfillment”. As you create a more fulfilling life you will experience the following:

  • Realizing your dreams and goals
  • Feeling fully alive
  • Fully appreciating and enjoying each moment
  • Living in alignment with your individual values and purpose
  • Living in joy and abundance
  • Sharing and connecting in meaningful relationships
  • Doing what you LOVE
  • Acknowledge to yourself that you ARE living a truly fully fulfilled life!!!

There are many factors that contribute to fulfillment. And creating a life of fulfillment isn’t necessarily easy. However, it’s worth the effort. And you deserve it!

2. Create CLARITY on “What YOU really WANT in your life”

Sometimes this is the toughest step of all. In this grand smorgasbord in life, we get to choose. Actually, we have to choose, or life will choose for us. And, throughout life we often have to redefine our choices as we evolve and grow. What was most important five years ago is probably not what’s most important to you now. In clarifying the “what’s most important?”, enormous energy is freed up. Clarity is POWER. And, often times simply “deciding” what’s important creates a chain reaction that magnetically begins to pull you toward it.

  • What’s most important to you in life?
  • What’s most important to you in your career?
  • What’s most important to you in your relationships?
  • What are you tolerating in your life?
  • What do you want MORE of?
  • What do you want LESS of?

Working as a team, we’ll explore options, discover what you really want in life, and focus on what you truly love to do. Then we’ll design your life with joy around the “what’s most important”, setting values-based goals and prioritized action items, and diligently integrate them into your life.

3. Strengthen your personal foundation, raise your standards, eliminate tolerations and set boundaries

Every person who decides to work with a coach wants more, sometimes much more, and knows that they must make certain changes in their personal and professional lives in order to get more of what they really want. These changes take time, motivation and effort. Your coach focuses on strengthening your  Personal Foundation, as a way to accelerate and attract your goals more easily. By concentrating on your Personal Foundation you will:

  • Discover what your personal needs are so you can finally get them met
  • Develop a surplus of time, space, relationships and love in your life
  • Increase your ENERGY and take really great care of yourself
  • Eliminate draining tasks and commitments
  • Reorient your life around your values, and establish boundaries that support you
  • You will expect more of others’ and yourself
  • Your life will get simpler, easier and less stressful

4. Start ATTRACTING into your life, rather than struggling

Sounds good, doesn’t it? Imagine … a life without struggle. Wow!!! Attraction is defined as being whole and present so that you EFFORTLESSLY draw in to you what you want in life versus having to sell, seduce or promote yourself. Through the power of Attraction you can accomplish more of your objectives in less time. Through the power of attraction you have an abundance of time, energy, love and power. Through our coaching, you’ll discover where you are already “attracting” and how to attract more of what you want. Attraction happens through a shifting your attitude, home, life, career and habits, and by strengthening your personal foundation.


Who says you have to work harder to create more results? We’ll create the plans that maximize your desired results, without draining your life. Focusing on an effective “plan of action” is half the battle. Moving consistently toward the desired target is the other key. When people get CLEAR about what they want, often times, they quickly forget. Not because their goals and objectives are no longer important, but because they get caught up in life, get busy, and present moment challenges zap their attention. My role as your coach is to HOLD this Focus, and keep your vision alive. As your coach, I will remind you of the “What’s Most Important in YOUR life” and gently nudge you in the direction of your dreams. You’ll KEEP YOUR FOCUS and never venture too far off track. Focused Attention + Deliberate Action = True Results.

6. Accountability — The Power of your Word

Have you ever broken a commitment you made to yourself? Yep, me too. As silly as it may sound, the power of your “word” to an unbiased third party – Your Coach – can be pure magic. Having a coach to verbally commit to each week, puts more leverage on you to make your commitments happen. Shouldn’t you be disciplined enough to “just do it” on your own? Perhaps. However, you’ll often times identify action steps through coaching that you never would have thought of. How can you implement an idea you never had? Whether you consider yourself motivated or not, disciplined or not, creative or not, never underestimate the power of your word within the coaching relationship.

7. To Create more BALANCE in your life

Balance. Is that really possible? Of course it is. And, it’s something we can all use more of. Each area of our life IS connected. When one area of life is out of balance, it affects the others. When life is out of balance, we’re putting all of our energy in one or two areas of life, depleting our energy. In coaching we’ll look at your whole life – Health, Relationships, Career, Finances, Fun and Recreation, Personal and Spiritual Growth. As we focus on rounding out each area of your life, a ripple affect influences each of the others. Balance gives you peace of mind, energy and a deeper sense of fulfillment. And, yes, it IS possible.

8. To fully engage the BEING-NESS in your life (sometimes harder than the “doing-ness” in life)

We are Human Beings, not Human Doings. However, when we look out into the world we may be convinced in the latter. What does it mean to engage the “being-ness” in your life? It means focusing on the states of being that you want to experience in life. Love, abundance, joy, playfulness, centeredness, connection to others are states of being. By focusing on these qualities, life shifts. The reason most of us “do, do, do” in life, is because we are seeking certain feelings, or states of being. However, if we shift our focus to the states of being we are after, then the “doing” happens more effortlessly. There are HUGE and numerous benefits to “BEING”. It’s where peace of mind lives. Being-ness “attracts” all kinds of things into our lives, connection, relationships, love, money, and those things that create fulfillment. It’s where we tap into our most creative space. It’s where we find ourselves. It’s when we slow down long enough to notice ourselves, notice our bodies, notice our feelings. It’s a place of integration.

9. To challenge you to stretch and GROW in new and exciting ways

As human beings, we ALL have an innate NEED to learn and grow. In fact, people who have stopped learning and growing in life are usually dead, or among the “walking dead”. Learning and growth are among the most satisfying and fulfilling experiences available to us. When working with a Life Coach, it is important that you love to learn and grow, and want to take yourself to the next level. You are looking to be challenged to stretch and grow in new ways through our coaching relationship. Of all the reasons individuals come to coaching, the bottom line is CHANGE — and change means growth.

10. To explore your life purpose and vision and integrate it fully into your magnificent life

Life purpose and vision is a vitally important element in creating a fulfilled life. Those who are clear of their life purpose and are truly living their purpose every day, are among the most fulfilled individuals I know. The more integrally one lives their life’s vision and purpose, the deeper fulfilled and the more magic will be experienced. What is your life purpose and vision? How can you more fully LIVE this life vision? With a compelling vision, you find yourself excited about getting out of bed every morning, your day flies by, and you enjoy each day more fully. As your coach, I can help you identify your vision. The next step is integrating your vision into your life, so that it’s more than just “words on paper”. Many clients have even created “mini-visions” for each area of their life. The result has been living a richer, deeper, meaningful and more fulfilling life.

11. Tap your Inner Wisdom for GUIDANCE

You are FULL of wisdom right now!!! That’s right. YOU are full of WISDOM. In coaching, the most brilliance and wisdom comes from YOU. Through the art of asking questions (that’s my job), noticing the subtleties in your voice and I can tap that inner wisdom that is anxiously waiting to come out.

12. To process through problems and challenging periods

Through coaching you will get to the root of the problem and create solutions. It amazes me how quickly a problem can be solved with focused attention and TWO committed beings – your Coach and You. Sometimes what’s needed even more than a solution is a true acknowledgment of what IS. In coaching we call that “being with” a problem. It’s really not that scary. In slowing down long enough to “be with” the problem, amazing things become available. Either way “staying stuck” with problems becomes something of the past. With problems handled and resolved you’ll have more energy to invest into your life.

13. Have YOUR successes fully acknowledged and celebrated

Have you ever worked long and hard to accomplish an objective, then not had someone to fully celebrate with you? Or had a personal breakthrough that your friends and family just don’t seem to fully appreciate? It can be a let-down to work diligently on a task, or “on yourself” — and then not have it fully appreciated or noticed by others. We are often our worst critics and forget to even acknowledge ourselves. It can be the single most important element in EMPOWERING you and CREATING MOMENTUM. What if ALL your Successes and breakthroughs were acknowledged, supported and celebrated? What if you had someone in your life who assumed this role? As you are taking your life to the next level, your coach will do just that. Why is this important? Simply stated, YOU deserve it!!!

14. Give yourself an EDGE in your life.

So, maybe you feel like you can do all this by yourself and don’t really NEED a coach. Nobody really needs a coach. However, everyone CAN greatly benefit from a coach. All things being equal, having a coach gives you an edge over someone without a coach – in your career, relationships and in your life. Having a coach means having an edge. An edge that has you three to four strides ahead of others. An edge that gives you strength, confidence, and empowerment to handle anything in your life. An edge that will propel you forward into life maximizing your fulfillment along the way.

A Few Final Words…
The reason you hire a coach, will likely NOT be the only reason you hired a coach. I can absolutely assure you that we’ll FOCUS on the primary reason you hire me. And there may be areas you have handled that can be taken to the next level. There may be areas you don’t find important that become your greatest source of strength and enjoyment. When you make a commitment to yourself by hiring a coach, a whole world of benefits falls to your feet. A coach gives you an edge, enabling you to go from being great to being extraordinary.

Perhaps you now have a greater understanding of why hiring a Life Coach can be one of the most impactful decisions of your life.

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