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Less Stress, More JOY

Do you want to be happy? I know it is a silly question for some of you, but seriously, wouldn’t you like to live a really happy life, every day of your life? I am sure your answer is yes. But some people are just OK with being unhappy. They are COMFORTABLE with this feeling. Being comfortable isn’t hard to be. In fact, I heard the saying “misery is easy, it’s happiness you have to work on.” This is so true. To be happy every day is work. But wouldn’t you rather work on being happy than sitting around being comfortable at being miserable?

So let’s take a look at being happy for a moment. One person being happy isn’t the responsibility of someone else. We are all in charge of our own happiness at all times. Sure, sometimes if you do something to make someone unhappy, then it should be up to you to correct this. But what I mean in more detail is don’t expect someone else to make YOU  happy. If you don’t wake up happy, it is your own fault. There are a lot of things you could do to make sure you make yourself happy. If you cannot even make yourself happy, how do you expect others to be happy in your company?

The first step of being happy and stress-free is knowing that it is your own responsibility. Sometimes we need to remind ourselves just that, “I am responsible.” When we can do this and believe it to be true, the rest of the steps are not so hard to accomplish.

Do you know about The Law of Attraction? Well, this law states that ‘whatever you think about, you shall bring about.’ The Law of Attraction says we attract ‘like’ things in our life that we focus on the most. This is true about stress and joy. Because when we worry and feel upset about something, it makes us feel lousy and even worse, doesn’t it? That is because what we are doing when we worry and complain, is attract more things in our lives to worry and complain about. But on the other hand, when we focus on all the good, happy things in our life, we attract more good and things to be happy about.

If you commit to doing 5 or more of these 10 steps every day, you will have a happier, more JOYFUL life! But you have to make the commitment first. Your present and your future depend on it!

  1. Smile – Jump-start your happy day with a smile. It is easy to do and makes you feel great! Great feelings help us have a great day. PLUS, smiles are contagious. Try it by smiling at someone, they will more than likely smile back.
  2. Positive Affirmations – Tell yourself positive phrases that you want to hear like “I am happy”, “I am healthy”, “I feel great”, “I love myself”, “Today will be a great day”.
  3. Laughter – Laughter really IS the best medicine. Try laughing every day, it will keep the blues away. Watch, listen or read something funny to get the laughing started.
  4. Love – We can’t survive without it. We need loving feelings to function properly. Feel Love and show love with affection to friends, family, and pets.
  5. Routines – Are an important part of living a joyful life. Things like sleeping and waking at the same time helps you physically and emotionally. Right a ‘to do’ list to follow, etc.
  6. Enjoy each minute – Take nothing for granted. Find the good things in each day and be happy about them like your favorite song playing or a beautiful flower blooming. Don’t waste another minute by NOT enjoying something about it.
  7. Use Your senses – Nature and miracles are all everywhere. Take time to see, hear, smell, taste and feel all you can. Take the blinders off and notice the beauty around you. Have you really looked at a sunset or sunrise lately?
  8. Play – When we take time each day to play, life is more enJOYable. What do you enjoy doing? Reading, music, games, walking?
  9. Think positive – Joy can’t come and stay while thinking bad thoughts. When bad thoughts come, chase them away and focus on anything that is good in your life. Eventually those bad thoughts will get the hint and stay away.
  10. Say Thank you. Show someone you appreciate them today and say ‘thank you’. Give complements, do a favor, let someone get in front of you in line. Do a simple nice thing for someone else today. Doing good to others brings JOY to us AND them.

It is time you reminded yourself you have more to be happy about than to be stressed about, and be aware each day of these joys so that they will over power the stresses. When we start the process of reducing our levels of stress by increasing our feelings of joy, we can live a truly happy life that is full of joy and stress-free.

More JOY Less Stress article is provided by Cynthia Joy Maurice of The Joys Holistic Wellness. See more by visiting www.thejoys.us. Contact Cynthia about Stress, Pain & Life Management Therapeutic Support Programs by calling, texting or emailing.         843-465-7138. cynthia@thejoys.us




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