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Meditation – Exercise for the MIND

MEDITATION – EXERCISE FOR THE MIND When most people think about health, wellness, and improved fitness, the main thoughts that come to their mind include traditional forms of exercise such as running, strength training, swimming, or playing team sports, along with dieting and nutrition. While all are great and are going to work towards improving your physical fitness level and nutritional standing, one key element of ‘health and wellness’ that is far too often overlooked is the mental component. If you’re not taking care of mind and body, you’re leaving half of the equation missing. Yet, people do this each and every day. They put all their attention to their diet and workouts, without thinking about what’s going on in their mind. This is where meditation comes in. Think of meditation as exercise for the mind, the same way that running or a session of weight lifting helps to strengthen your body, or the same way that a grilled salmon and steamed vegetable meal provides you with nutrients. When you can align all three elements – exercise, good nutrition, and meditation, this is when you will achieve a state of optimal health and function. Practicing daily meditation has been shown to help you physically, mentally, and spiritually. 

Physical benefits of meditation:  

Reduced heart rate

  1. Reduced blood pressure
  2. Improved energy levels
  3. Decreased muscular tension
  4. Lower risk of heart disease
  5. Balancing of blood sugar levels
  6. Improved recovery from exercise

Mental/Psychological benefits of meditation:

  1.  Reduction in anger & aggression
  2. Increased happiness & joy
  3. Improved concentration & focus
  4. Increased self-confidence & self esteem 
  5. Improved general state of well being
  6. Improved total relaxation

Spiritual benefits of meditation

  1. Connecting the body & soul
  2. Prayer becomes more effective
  3. Fostering a closer relationship with your higher power
  4. Improving your karma

Meditation helps you to reach a higher level of focus & concentration – to have a clear mental state. Because the benefits are extremely varied, many can benefit by including meditation in their daily lives.  Meditation impacts you on so many levels that it is highly applicable to such a wide group of people. 

STRESS:  Stress is one of the worst silent killers in today’s world, impacting almost your entire overall wellbeing. 

Stress will sap your energy, riddle you with health concerns, decrease your enjoyment of daily living, and even deplete your mental resources to perform other tasks. Unless you are taking measures to control your stress, stress WILL control YOU.

Meditation is one of the greatest stress controlling techniques, so it can easily help to reduce your stress to help you start feeling healthier and better every day.

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