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Relax to relieve stress

Relax, it relieves stress We all have many tools within our bodies. One of these tools is our Calm Response. When we practice techniques to help our bodies relax, we activate this Calm Response tool and once activated, it switches itself on when we need it and helps us relax…

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Less Stress, More JOY

Do you want to be happy? I know it is a silly question for some of you, but seriously, wouldn’t you like to live a really happy life, every day of your life? I am sure your answer is yes. But some people are just OK with being unhappy. They…

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What is Stress?

Stress One definition of stress is this:  A state of mental or emotional strain or tension resulting from adverse or very demanding circumstances. Anything that poses a challenge or threat to our well-being is considered a stress. Stress is a feeling we have while under pressure. Stress is something that…

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Inner Peace

Could you get to Inner Peace? The Highest state one could be in is a state of complete acceptance and inner peace. It is a state where you need nothing because you already feel complete. Not a lot of people would claim that they have reached a state of inner…

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7 Benefits of Weight Lifting for Women

Here is a very important article about weight lifting, and why WOMEN need to lift weights. There are many benefits of weight lifting for women, but many women still focus mainly on cardio. Find out why you should start weight lifting! Source: 7 Benefits of Weight Lifting for Women

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26 Best Foods For A Healthier, Happier Gut

Photo by Baloncici/Getty In our inner ecology, just as in the ecology of the planet, diversity equals resilience. The more types of friendly gut bacteria we harbor, the better job of digestion the gut does, and the less chance that a particular food or food component will upset it or…

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Healthy Benefits of drinking Lemon Water

It’s the trendiest way to start the day, but is it possible we’ve taken the hot water with lemon thing a little too far? Here are the positive things we know: Squeezed lemon delivers a solid dose of cancer-fighting antioxidants and energy-boosting vitamin C. Plus, replacing sugar-packed juices and bottled teas with plain old lemon water is a great way to cut back on calories.   https://www.healthambition.com/many-benefits-of-lemon-water/

Source: What You Need to Know if You’re Drinking Lemon Water for Weight Loss

How to Get a Flatter Tummy Almost Instantly

Sure, eating three helpings of pie won’t do your waistline any favors—but neither will eating three helpings of broccoli. Here’s why: Certain foods are known bloat offenders, which means they’ll increase puffiness and make you appear heavier than you are, says Stephanie Middleberg, R.D., of Stephanie Middleberg Nutrition in New…

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Essential Oils

Essential oils can have a healing effect mentally, physically, and emotionally.   But, technically, essential oils aren’t ‘oils’ at all, as they lack fatty acids. Rather, they are highly concentrated plant components. They are extracted directly from the bark, flower, fruit, leaf, seed or root of a plant or tree, and…

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