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Aroma-therapy for Stress Relief

Aroma-therapy for Stress Relief

Aroma-therapy can help relieve stress because your sense of smell works with your brain and helps it to trigger certain positive emotional, neurological and chemical responses to the smells you take in. There are a lot of natural scents you can use to help relieve stress and most are pretty common and easy to find. The fresh air on your morning walk is a good one.

Jasmine is a flower that comes from India. It’s scent is warm and exotic. You can use the scent of Jasmine in your bath or bedroom with body wash and candles. You can also get tea that has Jasmine in it to drink.

Rose is associated with the feelings of happiness, joy and love. These emotions all will help relieve stress. Rose is used in lotions, candles and perfumes. You can enjoy this scent any time. You can also pick or buy some roses to keep in a vase in your home to smell them anytime you would like.

Lavender is another flower. It is warm and light and is a very popular aid in sleeping and relaxing. You will find many lotions, candles and sprays in the lavender scent. You can also purchase lavender essential oils. Lavender is thought to lower your anxiety and calm you down.

Citrus scents are known to be mood boosters. The smell of lemon can soothe stress, grapefruits reduce depression and enhance memory, and oranges can add more energy, vitality and overall happiness. Try lotions, sprays, candles or essential oils in these wonderful citrus scents.

Green apples have been proven to reduce a headache. In fact, a recent study found that by sniffing a green apple in the midst of an oncoming migraine, which is often triggered by stress, the pain and pressure in the head will quickly be relieved. Plus, we all love the smell of hot apple pie coming out of the oven, so it is no surprise that smelling an apple can have that same kind of positive effect on us.

Chamomile is an herb which has anti-inflammatory benefits. It is also known for its calming effects and aid in sleeping. You can drink chamomile in a tea. It has been known not only to calm, but also to relax the nervous system and reduce pain and stress.

Ylang Ylang is known as the ‘flower of flowers’ from Madagascar. It is known for its use as an anti-depressant and its way of calming body and soul. The essential oil calms anger and releases tension. It has also been known to fight acne, lower blood pressure, ease muscle spasms, relieve PMS symptoms, and fight bacteria. It can also be used to alleviate depression and panic attacks. When used as an essential oil in the home, it will add a calming effect.

Vanilla is one of the most pleasant fragrances in oils, candles, lotions and perfumes. It helps promote a calm feeling and relieves stress. It is also thought to be an aphrodisiac. I have a vanilla body spray and I like to spray it several times a day, helps keep the blues away. You could also spray it in your room or on your pillow before bed.

Coconut has been shown to slow your heart rate, enhance alertness and soothe stress. Its scent can bring you on a mind vacation to the Caribbean Islands. Using coconut oil when cooking is a healthy fat and can help slow down the effects of Alzheimer’s Disease. It is also very tasty. It can be used instead of olive or vegetable oils when sautéing meat or vegetables.

Peppermint has been found to increase memory and alertness, which can provide a great pick-me-up for those stressed, busy, overworked individuals. Peppermint is found in many lotions, washes and also essential oils. A drop of peppermint on the back of your neck during a hot flash can calm it instantly with a wonderful cooling sensation.

Using scents each day to help you stay calm and promote happiness is an easy and most pleasant way to help relieve stress. Most of the scents I have suggested are pretty easy to find in stores and on the internet. They really do help, so be sure to give them a try. What are your favorite scents?

This article is written by Cynthia Joy Maurice. Cynthia is a Life Design & Holistic Wellness Specialist. For your convenience she provides consultations and services at 4 locations in the Myrtle Beach, SC area; as well as in the comfort of your home or online. To contact Cynthia, please call 843-465-7138 or email her at findyourjoys@thejoys.us

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