You are hardworking men and women with family and individual goals in life. You want to live simpler, stress-free and happier. I am a caring and positive coach and I am POSITIVE that anything is possible…especially if you have the right focus and plan.

I know exactly what to do to guide you down the correct life path. Together, we will find YOUR Focus and create your plan.

Hi, I’m Cynthia Maurice

I am a Holistic Life & Wellness Coach. What this means for you is that I will help you live a happier, healthier lifestyle. I’ll do this by showing you how to relieve your pain, stress and other symptoms of chronic illnesses. I can also show you how to lose weight (& keep it off!) and quit smoking (for good!)

I know what you are going through, physically and emotionally, on a daily basis as you try to deal with these and other problems. That is why I will show you everything I know about using holistic (natural) drug-free remedies & solutions to achieve anything you want.

My Journey

My name is the name-sake of The Joys. I was born as Cynthia Joy Paine. Years ago when I asked my parents why they chose the name JOY, I was told “because we just knew you would truly be a JOY to us”. Sounds so sweet, but I have to admit, I wasn’t always happy with the name. And, growing up as the youngest of 3 children, I wasn’t always a JOY. I am sure you know what I mean. Also, I was embarrassed to have a name with 2 emotions in it! It didn’t matter to the kids that teased me that my last name came with an ‘e’ on the end. I hated being called ‘Cindy pain in the butt’. I couldn’t even think of letting kids know about the middle name that appeared at the time, to not match the ‘pain’ part.

As the years went on, I started noticing a lot of people who are just not happy. I have also noticed a lot of depression in people I have met and even within my own family. My Dad had suffered the last several years of his life with depression. I found it very difficult to see him that way. Somewhere along his path in life, it seemed as though he lost his way and gave up on living happily.

In the year 2000, I started thinking more about joy and happiness than ever before. Some bad things were happening to me back then financially and I was forced to do a lot of thinking about my life. At first all I could do was think of how unfair it all was. When I realized how much harder life was getting for me, I started to incorporate positive thoughts to each day. I wanted to cry, but thought “oh well, I might as well laugh”. Thinking back on those hard days, months and years, I remember people in my life were actually TRYING to get me to be upset because of what I was going through. They thought I wasn’t acting ‘normal’ because I wasn’t depressed or mad all the time about my difficulties. Others would criticize me for always being so positive. Sometimes, that is the hardest part about trying to be and think positive. It is easier to just go with the flow and to be a follower. To moan and complain right along with the others.

This is when I knew I wanted to help people in some way. I had survived a really difficult time in my life and attribute it to my staying positive attitude. I know that my life is worth living no matter what the difficulties may be. I know how important it is mentally AND physically to look for the positive in every situation. It is not easy. But I did it. I wasn’t able to help my father, but I know I can help you.

I created The Joys Holistic Wellness in 2013.  Initially, The Joys started as an online tool to help clients find their joys and relieve stress. By completing tons of research, I published a series of wellness EBooks. I had lived in the Massachusetts and Rhode Island areas for all of my life. Then in late 2015, I moved South because I was so done with all that snow! 🙂  Upon moving to South Carolina, I earned my Holistic Life Coach Certification, as well as in Aromatherapy and Reflexology.

With The Joys Holistic Wellness, I am able to provide you with the absolute BEST solutions for just about any Life & Wellness goal you might have.  I have worked with hundreds of people over the last several years, who have taken control of their lives, reached their goals and achieved the results they were seeking, just like I will help YOU to do the same.

Recently, I have teamed with the professionals from Coastal Holistics in Myrtle Beach, enabling me to offer you several Spa and Studio location options, as well as home appointments if you are in my local area or virtual appointments for assistance anywhere you are. 

Here’s What I won’t do for you:

I will NOT diagnose diseases or take the place of your physicians and may refer you back to your own physician for necessary treatment or diagnosis.   I will not prescribe pharmaceuticals, perform invasive procedures, give injections, or draw blood.

Here’s What I will do for you:

As your Personal Wellness Coach,  I will motivate you, guide you, support you, treat you with respect, respect your privacy, and show you how to naturally live a healthier, happier lifestyle.  

Let’s do this together

Work with me for evaluations with personalized wellness plans and natural solutions for managing weight, pain, stress and chronic symptoms. 
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